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United Dairymen of Idaho Act as Resource for Idaho Dairy Farmers

For Immediate Release

August 27, 2014

“In hindsight we understand how our Aug. 13 letter to United Dairymen of Idaho members might make someone think otherwise, but it is not the intention of the United Dairymen of Idaho to deny media access to Idaho dairies. In fact, our dairy farm families often host dairy tours for media, school students, health professionals and others. We welcome requests for dairy tours for the purpose of educating the public about our industry and, in fact, organizing on-farm tours is one of our primary roles. Our goal is to do so in a coordinated way and provide assistance to our farmers in support of the Gem State’s dairy industry.” — Karianne Fallow, CEO, United Dairymen of Idaho

NOTE: On matters related to public policy, legislation or lobbying, please contact the Idaho Dairymen’s Association at 208-308-3382. For information regarding the marketing and promotion of dairy products, please contact the United Dairymen of Idaho at 208-327-7050.