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Thank A Farmer


Idaho dairy farmers are working 365 days a year to produce delicious, safe dairy products. Send a message of thanks to Idaho’s dairy farm families.


Thank you, Idaho Dairy Farmers, for forming part of the backbone of Idaho’s agricultural economy. Thank you for providing healthy, delicious dairy foods, and for providing Idaho with productive careers and opportunities for investment and growth. Thanks a lot!

Thank you for making ice cream, Idaho Dairy Farmers! It’s the one thing that gets me through a rough day!

Thanks to the Pearson families, Jim, Rick and David, for your dedication 24/7 to a job that requires attention all the time and without days off. These families sacrifice a lot. Committed to their farms and setting examples for future generations. You are wonderful families and because of your dedication our future dairymen will have leaders like you to help them. Thank you.

“The Melba High School Athletics Department would like to thank the United Dairymen of Idaho for your generous support of our athletic programs.  Our kids are delighted to make it to State each season and earn one of your awesome sweatshirts.  Before the Dairymen began making these available to all of our athletes, we had many kids come home without one because they couldn’t afford it.  We are so grateful for your support!”
-Vonnie Willis, Athletic & Activities Director: Melba High School

“I’m so thankful for the hard work of Idaho’s dairy farm families and their financial support in helping the Fuel Up to Play 60 program become a bright shining star in my school community and our great state.”
-Jessica Shawley, PE Teacher: Moscow Middle School