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Producer Product Donation/Reimbursement

The United Dairymen of Idaho is committed to supporting the community engagement efforts of Idaho’s dairy farm families in their local communities. To serve this cause, each Idaho dairy producers may receive reimbursement for dairy products of his/her choosing for community events each year.  The value of dairy products is not to exceed $200 per farm per year. With a maximum of $600 per year. This reimbursement is designated to the permit holder/producer based solely on the permit holder’s name on file with the Idaho State Department of Agriculture.

Step 1: Purchase dairy products for event

Step 2: Submit the following items to UDI

  • Dairy Producer Reimbursement Request Form
  • Receipts including all dairy products purchased
  • Name and address for whom the check should be made out to
    • Only dairy permit holders are eligible for reimbursement

Step 3: UDI will issue a reimbursement check

If you would like educational handouts, please contact Crystal Quallio, 327-7050 ten days prior to your event.  Aside from this, UDI offers education materials and reimbursement for product purchased to support dairy tours. For more information click here.

View full reimbursement/donation policy