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Producer Donation Policy

Idaho Dairy Products Commission

To meet the Idaho Dairy Products Commission’s (IDPC) core objectives, while building and maintaining valuable community goodwill and strong partnerships to reflect the dedication of Idaho’s dairy farm families to their communities, and consistent with IDPC’s statutory purpose as set forth in Idaho Code §25-3101, dairy product sponsorships will be directed exclusively toward strategic partner promotion opportunities.

As such, the IDPC offers a Producer Donation Policy (“Policy”) to dairy permit holders/producers. This Policy is intended to further the statutory purposes of the IDPC. For purposes of this Policy the dairy permit holder/producer is based solely on the permit holder’s name on file with the Idaho State Department of Agriculture.

In furtherance of IDPC’s stated statutory purpose of promoting the development of markets, qualifying Idaho dairy permit holders/producers can receive dairy products of his/her choosing, not to exceed $200/year for any community event/organization of the dairy permit holder/producer’s choosing, with certain limitations. For dairy producers that hold 3 or more individual dairy permits, reimbursements are limited to 3 ($600 maximum total/ $200 per permit representative). Dairy producers that are non-permit holders/producers are not eligible for the reimbursement, unless they have been properly designated by a dairy permit holder/producer. In that case, the permit holder must make contact with the IDPC staff and clearly state the intent of representation.

A dairy permit holder/producer may request to transfer his/her allotment to another dairy producer (permit holder or non-permit holder). An official ‘Transfer Waiver’ form, must be signed by the dairy permit holder/producer to release his/her allotment to the requesting producer. A producer wishing to receive allotments from other permit holders may only receive a maximum of three transfers with donation not to exceed $600 per calendar year. No single organization/event shall receive more than $600 in product donation per calendar year.

Aside from the $200 allotment, dairy permit holders/producers can receive reimbursement for product purchased to support on-farm tours. Dairy tour product reimbursement is not to exceed $600, per year, per permit holder. Dairy permit holders/producers that hold three of more individual dairy permits, reimbursements are limited to 3 ($600 maximum total/$200 permit).

Producer product sponsorship may not support for-profit businesses, religious or politically affiliated groups or events. Product cannot be resold. Any falsification or misrepresentation will result in a revocation of this annual product allowance. IDPC staff has first right of refusal.

Dairy products must be purchased by the dairy producer. Receipts must be submitted to IDPC within 15 days following the receipt date. A check will then be sent to the dairy producer as soon as possible.

AMS allows boards to make donations of commodity, product, or funds (e.g., to food banks or disaster relief efforts) provided the donation is tied to a public relations or promotional effort promoting the commodity and/or the image of the industry.” {Section XI-G(3), AMS Guidelines (page 17)}