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BYU Dairy Science Team Wins Honors at IMPA Conference Dairy Product Innovation Competition

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MERIDIAN, Idaho (Aug. 12, 2017) — Idaho might be best known for the “famous potatoes” but milk is the real agricultural crown jewel here with dairy foods comprising nearly one-third of farming’s contribution to the Gem State economy. As the fourth leading milk producing state in the country, Idaho is also a leader in dairy product innovation.

This year’s Idaho Milk Processing Association (IMPA) conference took place August 10-11 in Sun Valley, Idaho featured the New Product Competition, chaired by Reeds Dairy CEO and Idaho dairyman, Alan Reed.

Supported in part by the Dairy West, and judged by leading dairy farmers and processors, the IMPA New Product Competition challenged universities with strong nutrition and food science programs to create the most promising new food product containing dairy ingredients.

“Each year, we are impressed by the talent these students bring to this competition,” said Reed. “And this year was no exception.” This year, the competition saw presentations from South Dakota State University, University of Idaho/Washington State University, Brigham Young University, and Utah State University. Led by Reed and his panel of judges which is comprised of dairy industry leaders in the areas of milk processing, dairy food science and food marketing – the Grand Prize winner of this year’s competition is: Brigham Young University.

This year’s product development competition yielded innovative ideas for future dairy foods that are full of promise:

  • Tippy Cow, Brigham Young University’s entry is a cultured, full-cream ice cream product made from a unique blend of dairy cultures that are not currently used in ice cream or frozen yogurt products. Unlike frozen yogurt, Tippy Cow is prepared from special cultures that provide unique and distinctive flavors, as well as probiotic organisms that provide benefits for a healthy gut. The ice cream’s one-of-a-kind flavor is accentuated by toppings such as graham cracker crumble paired with tart apples and cinnamon.
  • South Dakota State University’s entry is titled “Moo Cha-Cha” and is a yogurt based salsa that is a combination of the tartness of yogurt and the spiciness of salsa. Moo Cha-Cha includes cultured milk, milk protein concentrate, tomatoes, peppers, onions, spices, modified corn starch, and xanthan gum. Moo Cha-Cha contains no added sugar, is lactose-free, and provides protein and calcium.
  • University of Idaho and Washington State University joined together to work on their competition entry. GaBarZos is a gluten-free, dairy-based confectionary made with garbanzo bean flour, skim milk powder, butter, and whey protein isolate. The confectionary has a caramel center and is enrobed with a yogurt coating. The center of the bar has a layer of caramel made with sweeten condensed milk, corn syrup, cream, and butter. The yogurt coating is comprised of Greek yogurt and sugar.
  • Utah State University developed their product named, Mozzitwist. It is a swirled Mozzarella cheese slice with a contrasting color swirl clearly visible once sliced. Being made entirely from cheese, the contrasting colored layers knit together to form a cohesive cheese chub that can be sliced.
The Brigham Young University team is comprised of: BYU Team Members: Muriel Allen* David Doxey* Erin Hiatt Deb Hutchins* Jason Kim* Heather Nicholson* Faculty Advisor: Mike Dunn* (*denotes team members present at the IMPA competition)

The Brigham Young University team is comprised of: Muriel Allen*, David Doxey*, Erin Hiatt, Deb Hutchins*, Jason Kim*, Heather Nicholson*, and Faculty Advisor: Mike Dunn* (*denotes team members present at the IMPA competition)


  • The winning student group receives a grand prize of $10,000
  • First Runner Up: South Dakota State University which receives $5,000
  • Second Runner Up: Utah State University which receives $3,000
  • Fourth Place: Washington State University / University of Idaho which receives $2,000


Each student group also receives a $1,000 travel stipend, as well as time to network with industry leaders, and make connections which contributes to the workforce pipeline to support the dairy industry and businesses which support the Idaho economy.

About the Idaho Milk Processors Association
IMPA is a nonprofit organization that seeks to promote the Idaho dairy industry, cooperate with all organizations that work to advance and develop it, hold annual conferences focusing on subjects relative to the processing of milk and milk products, and act in unison in matters affecting the welfare of all dairy interests. Visit for more details.

About Dairy West
Dairy West is a USDA qualified program based in Boise, Idaho which manages the marketing and promotion work for Idaho’s dairy farm families. This is an exciting evolution in the nation-wide checkoff system, and will work side-by-side with the Idaho Dairy Products Commission, fulfilling the mission of ensuring the prosperous future of dairy farming in the west.