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Schools & Community

The United Dairymen of Idaho is dedicated to supporting the health of Idaho schools and communities.   Through health and wellness grants and promotion, nutrition education materials and resources, and improved access to wholesome dairy foods, United Dairymen of Idaho wellness initiatives have touched many Idaho lives.

Schools are the perfect forum to educate our youth on the importance of consuming healthful, nutrient-rich foods, being physically active, and taking care of their health.   Research has shown that good health habits, including physical activity and consuming breakfast, lead to improved academic performance, improved memory and concentration, and decreased absences.

The United Dairymen of Idaho is currently the exclusive sponsor of the IHSAA State Tournaments. We are proud to share a common mission of supporting youth wellness, activities and education through nutrition and healthy lifestyles.

When it comes to refueling student athletes – it’s important to Think your Drink. See how the options stack up.

Think Your Drink

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