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Funding Deadline

FUTP60_rgbLooking for funding opportunities to get Fuel Up to Play 60 up and running in your school? You’ve come to the right place!

2016-17 Funding Deadlines:
June 15, 2016
November 2, 2016

Up to $4,000 per year is available to qualified schools to kick start healthy changes. To apply for Funds you will choose one Healthy Eating Play and one Physical Activity Play to implement in your school.

What You Need to Know

  • There is an opportunity to apply every fall and spring.
  • If you are approved in the spring round, Funds awarded are to be used in the fall of the following school year.
  • Review Eligibility and FAQs.

Before Applying, Schools Must:

3 Steps to Apply:

  • Step 1: Review the Plays in the 2015-16 Playbook and select one Healthy Eating Play and one Physical Activity Play that you will implement in your school using awarded funding.
  • Step 2: Designate a school program advisor.
  • Step 3: Complete and submit your application.

2015-2016 Fundable Plays

Healthy Eating Plays

Farm to School

This Play helps students understand where their food comes from through learning about local food sourcing and helps them to develop a plan to put healthy foods on the school menu. Utilizing resources from the National Farm to School Network, USDA’s Farm to School Planning Toolkit and resources from a variety of Dairy Councils, schools learn how to start small and build on their efforts.

Fuel Up Your Community

With a focus on hunger, this Play provides students with multiple opportunities for service learning and community volunteer work through starting a breakfast program, instituting a weekend backpack meals effort and/or building awareness in the community about summer meals programs. Schools will learn how to connect with local food pantries and can hold their own virtual food drive.

Healthy Foods – Everywhere in School

This new Play incorporates resources for improving the whole school nutrition environment, both in the cafeteria and in other locations where food is available. Teams will work on both the physical makeup of food service and focus on the social and marketing aspects of developing healthy eating habits.

Breakfast – Anytime, Anywhere

This Play brings together multiple breakfast options – from Breakfast in the Classroom, to Grab and Go Breakfast and Breakfast after First Period – and ways to successfully implement them. The Play includes a focus on working with school nutrition professionals and involving students in the selection of foods and delivery methods.

Snack Smarter in School

This existing Play helps with healthy food selection both in snack, vending and a la carte food offerings as well as improving the school meals program. Students conduct investigations into what’s already offered, what can be changed, and how to do things like create reimbursable meals that can be offered through vending machines.

Physical Activity Plays

Let’s Dance!

This 2014-2015 Play has been updated to be culturally relevant to the Latino community, in support of the Spanish-language version of Fuel Up to Play 60 that launches at Back to School. The Play features video and dance from today’s popular Latin singers, as school teams create dance programs for before, during or after school movement.

100 Mile Club®

This Play features ideas for starting a school-wide walking or running club before, during or after school. Students are challenged to track the number of miles they move and set goals, and can earn rewards for developing healthy habits.

Ramp Up for Recess

This popular Play, new last year, highlights finding ways to improve play areas and get all students active at recess. One of its goals is to find ways to encourage students to choose physical activity rather than make it a demand. A focus on the environmental as well as social aspects of “free time” is included.

In-Class Physical Activity Breaks

This Play continues its focus on getting students active during the school day and continues to incorporate the NFL PLAY 60 Challenge. Teams are encouraged to get buy-in from the principal and a small group of teachers to show that it can be done without disrupting learning time.

Community Playtime – It’s Good for Everyone

This Play focuses on active engagement of community – including students’ families, local businesses and local sports teams/leagues. By conducting community surveys to find out what students and their families are interested in, schools can create partnerships with existing organizations to develop these activities and programs further.

Download full 2015-2016 Playbook