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Foodservice Strategies Grant Eligibility and Guidelines

Food Service


The Idaho Dairy Council (IDC) administers the Dairy Does Good Foodservice Strategies Grant Program (FSSGP) with funds from Idaho’s dairy farm families.


Dairy provides unparalleled nutrition.  Milk and other dairy products provide essential nutrients that are lacking in the diets of many children and we aim to provide youth in Idaho increased access to nutritious and wholesome dairy products. We support and encourage participation in the national school lunch and breakfast programs.


All Idaho schools who participate in the National School Lunch and Breakfast Programs are eligible to apply.


  1. District Food Service Director must complete the application.
  2. Application must clearly explain how the school intends to utilize the granted equipment, and how the equipment will increase participation and/or make a difference in your school meals program.
  3. Schools must be willing to care properly for the granted equipment.
  4. Service calls, and any costs incurred for equipment repairs and/or maintenance is the responsibility of the school district or school.
  5. Provide pre and post ADP and/or other data, and/or complete a post evaluation sheet.
  6. Allow IDC to utilize the grant award for public relations, i.e. press releases, Facebook and/or Twitter postings, etc, and may be asked to provide a statement or blog post regarding the granted equipment.
  7. Send photographs or allow IDC to take photographs of the school and/or granted equipment for public relations purposes. If students are pictured, school must have current photo release on file (please contact IDC if a blank release form is needed).
  8. Utilize the grant awards as a chance for positive public relations for staff, students, parents, and the general public. For example, please include award on the school’s website, and in any newsletters the school sends out.
  9. Participate in other programs offered by the IDC, such as Fuel Up to Play 60, string cheese for ISAT testing, and utilize the IDC as a resource for nutrition education and nutrition curriculum materials.
  10. Share innovative menu ideas/recipes utilizing dairy, with the IDC. (Special compensation maybe offered.)
  11. Bid and serve local, Idaho dairy products.


  1. Grants available per IDC FSSGP calendar, and are limited in quantity. Calendar is subject to change.
  2. Granted equipment is to be used ONLY for school meal service.
  3. Schools should demonstrate a need for the granted equipment.
  4. Schools must handle dairy products appropriately, ensuring they are fresh and held/served at an appropriate temperature.
  5. Grant applications are due by 5pm on the 15th of the month in which the equipment is available (please refer to the grant calendar).

Grant application subject to review and approval.  Completing the grant application does not guarantee that your school will be awarded funding.

Please complete and submit this application for Foodservice Strategies Grant Programs (FSSGP).  Additional grant opportunities such as Fuel to Play 60 and string cheese for ISAT testing have seperate applications, eligibility, and deadlines, which can be found on idahodairy.com.



 Apply Here

Call or email Jaclyn St. John
Health & Wellness Manager
(208) 332-1646