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How does global trading affect you?

Idaho produces much more milk than its residents could ever consume, so exporting has always been important. Years ago it was mainly to other states but now it is all over the world. How much milk China or Russia imports directly effects the price of milk and our paycheck. So if government decisions against a country (for example economic sanctions) cause that country to stop importing our milk we will feel a direct negative impact. If New Zealand (a major milk producing country) increases milk production it will increase the global milk supply and prices will drop for us here in Idaho. Global trading doesn’t just affect the price of our finished goods, it can also affect our cost of producing those goods. If China imports a lot of hay from Idaho it can drive up the price of hay. This would be good for the hay farmer but not so good for the dairy farmer who needs to buy hay to feed his cows. Because global trading has a direct effect on us we are big advocates of fair trade.

– Idaho Dairy Farmer, Clint Jackson 

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