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Dairy West


Creating a world where farmers and the dairy industry prosper and, together,
build healthy communities around the globe.

Welcome to the future of Idaho’s dairy checkoff program. Dairy West is a USDA qualified program based in Boise, Idaho which will continue the marketing and promotion work for Idaho’s dairy farm families. This is an exciting evolution in the nation-wide checkoff system, and will work side-by-side with the Idaho Dairy Products Commission, fulfilling the mission of ensuring the prosperous future of dairy farming in the west.

Here are some Q&As to help explain what Dairy West is all about:

What type of entity is Dairy West?
The Dairy and Food Nutrition Council of the Southeast, Inc., d/b/a Dairy West is a Kentucky non-profit corporation to be headquartered in Meridian, Idaho. Dairy West intends to seek tax exempt recognition from the IRS as a 501(c)(6) entity. A 501(c)(6) is described as: 501(c)(6) nonprofit associations help small businesses advance their industry or geographic area. These organizations differ from 501(c)(3) charities, which must advance a charitable purpose such as religion, education or public assistance. To qualify for tax exemption under Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(6), all of a nonprofit’s earnings must be reinvested into the organization and may not benefit any individual member or shareholder.

Will Dairy West replace the Idaho Dairy Products Commission?
No. The Idaho Dairy Products Commission is established by Idaho State Statute and is a USDA Qualified Program. The IDPC will continue to function and fulfill its statutory purposes; however, there will be changes to the scope of services provided by the Commission. The CEO of Dairy West will serve in a leadership capacity to the Commission for continuity.

What is Dairy West and why is a new entity necessary?
Nationally there is a movement to regionalize to better leverage the farmer investment in dairy checkoff.   Models created by other dairy promotion organizations are working well.  Today, there is no infrastructure in place to accomplish that in the West. Dairy West will better serve and meet the demands of the dairy industry for the future by creating a framework for flexibility. Dairy West is necessary to be a relevant, influential checkoff organization and keep pace with our national partners.

What other states are part of Dairy West?
Right now, only Idaho is part of Dairy West. The Dairy West concept allows for the joining of other states, if the opportunity arises, but for now, Dairy West works for Idaho farmers.

What happens to the employees at the Commission?
Commission staff will be hired by Dairy West.

Who will serve as the CEO of Dairy West?
The Dairy West Board of Directors has selected Karianne Fallow to lead the organization forward as CEO. She will also serve in a leadership capacity with the IDPC for continuity.

Where will the operational center of Dairy West be?
Dairy West will be headquartered in Meridian, Idaho, operating out of the current space owned by the Idaho Dairy Products Commission, by way of a rental agreement.

What will happen to our partnership/ your sponsorship of our organization?
While we hope all of our partnerships evolve and get better all the time, day-to-day differences will be very small for those with whom we work. Our staff will provide guidance on how billing and invoicing will work and will probably start by asking for  Tax ID documents again, as transactions will happen from Dairy West as soon as the end of April.

As far as switching out our logo for the new one, we will discuss that over time with each of our partners. In the short-term, we will still interact with our partners as the United Dairymen of Idaho/ Idaho Dairy Council logo.