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Why should you be eating 3 serving of dairy a day?

  • 3 servings a day of dairy makes sure your body is getting powerful nutrients including: calcium, protein, potassium and more!
  • 3 servings a day of day is associated with lower risks of chronic diseases such as: heart disease, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes and obesity.
  • 3 serving a day of dairy, coupled with a balanced diet, is associated with healthy weight management.

Science Summaries

  • Nutrient-rich dairy foods not only help children and adults build healthy diets, they also contribute to healthier lives. In fact, studies show dairy foods, as part of a healthy diet, improve overall diet quality, and may contribute to better bone health, lower blood pressure, and reduce the risk for cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes.
  • Learn more about the science that supports dairy’s health benefits, access National Dairy Council’s Library o​f Science Summaries