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How Do You Know You’re a Dairyman?

When do you know you are really a bona fide dairyman? Is it when you milk the first cow? When you buy the first cow? The tenth? The 100th? Or could there be other criteria? Here are some suggestions. You know you’re a Dairyman if: To you “Calf Jack” doesn’t refer to a nickname or a tool to change a flat tire. You have been in many serious discussions about what good manure looks like. You wince a little when people say the smell of manure smells like money. You have been … [Read more...]

Living on a Schedule

I live on a schedule.  Cows need to be milked twice a day and fed two times each day at least.  We need to breed them two months after they calve, dry them up two months before they calve.  Calves need to be weaned at two months then bred at 14 or 15 months so they calve at 24 months.  This is the way it works on a dairy.  We all know that.  The closer we adhere to the schedule the better everything will be. There is a problem. The world does not run on a schedule and whenever there is a … [Read more...]

It’s all about a cow

Sure, ninety percent of my income is from the sale of milk, but after I get it out of the cow, I just have to make sure it’s cold and clean.  I just play defense when it comes to milk.  I spend my time worrying about the four-legged animal that gave me the milk. Some folks think that there isn’t much to worry about with a cow.  They seem to think a 1,500-pound bovine creature is just a big pet that can be taught to poop in a box with sand in it and everyone should have one.  I don’t think … [Read more...]

Getting Fit in Just Minutes a Day

HAPPY NEW YEAR!  If you’re like most people you are probably thinking about improving your health.  Starting an exercise program can seem daunting to someone with an already packed schedule.  But, we have good news!  Research shows getting fit doesn't require that much time.

  • Increments of 10 minutes throughout the day can be just as effective for weight loss and health as an hour-long workout. We all have 10 … [Read more...]