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Getting Fit in Just Minutes a Day

HAPPY NEW YEAR!  If you’re like most people you are probably thinking about improving your health.  Starting an exercise program can seem daunting to someone with an already packed schedule.  But, we have good news!  Research shows getting fit doesn't require that much time.

  • Increments of 10 minutes throughout the day can be just as effective for weight loss and health as an hour-long workout. We all have 10 … [Read more...]

‘Tis the Season for Cheese!

The staff at Dairy West loves cheese – it’s a great way to fuel up while keeping pace with the holiday hustle and bustle. Here are our top three reasons we love cheese and you should too! 1.      Cheese is a powerful nutrient package.  One serving of cheese provides many of the nutrients your body needs such as calcium and phosphorus for strong bones, protein for building muscle tissue, vitamin B12 for a healthy … [Read more...]

The Answer

When hurricanes strikes or a mad gun man kills innocent people we want to help.  We see pictures of people suffering, people lost with looks of despair and we want to do something about it.  Anyone who claims to have a heart, a soul, a feeling of human brotherhood wants to alleviate the suffering or at least put these people on the road to recovery so the world can return to what we call normal and continue with the pursuit of happiness instead of digging out from the mess of an insane … [Read more...]

Idaho dietitians visit Mountain Home dairy

Rachelle Ausman, Registered Dietitian recaps her experience at TLK Dairy. “Going on a Dairy West Partner Tour was a very informative and delightful experience. Not only was I able to see firsthand the hard work that goes into providing milk for our world, but also the care that is provided for the animals. As a Healthcare Professional, … [Read more...]