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White Pine Elementary teacher cheers on the Seahawks and FUTP 60 in Seattle

FUTP 60 Advisors at Seahawks game

From left to right, Jessica Dessert from White Pine Elementary in Boise, Dairy West Health and Wellness Manager Jaclyn St. John, Maggie Stump from Summit Elementary in Jerome and Jennifer Barker from Woodland Middle School in Couer d’Alene visit the sidelines before the start of the Sunday, Oct. 1 Seahawks home game against the Colts.

My name is Jessica Dessert and I teach PE in the Boise School District at White Pine Elementary. I have been involved with Fuel Up to Play 60 for several years. FUTP 60 has afforded me the opportunity to promote nutrition and physical activity to my students.

I recently was able to attend the Seattle Seahawks game compliments of Idaho Dairy and FUTP 60.  I knew this was a once in a lifetime opportunity, but that doesn’t even begin to describe how awesome the day was. There were so many unique, educational and fun moments during the day, but let me try to narrow down my top 5.FUTP 60 Advisors at Seahawks game

5. Being among 68,000 people watching the Seahawks win! Could be NFL’s best fan base. The stadium, fans, music, and Blue Thunder Band all was fantastic.

4. Seeing all the kids at the game wearing their FUTP 60 shirts and knowing that their schools are also promoting healthy eating and 60 minutes of play.

3. Being on the sideline while the players warmed up. Watching the intensity of the players. Awesome atmosphere. At one point, the players ran by giving high fives to everyone.

2. Witnessing the camaraderie between the Seahawks and the Colts. They may play for different teams, but they remain friends. One of my favorite memories to tell my students.

1. Coming back to my school and telling my students about my experience. They were all so excited that I was able to go. FUTP 60 has become a part of White Pine Elementary and I am so proud to have it in my school.

Thank you Idaho Dairy and FUTP 60!

FUTP 60 Advisors at Seahawks game