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Archives for December 2016

DairyWise Blog

Intern shares her experience at the Idaho Dairy Council

Growing up, I knew I was bound to work somewhere in the health field. Fast-forward 4 years through college when I was in one of my last semesters at Boise State University. One of my favorite teacher’s was teaching a one-time Special Topics class, Sports Nutrition. I was interested in the topic before the class started, but I had no idea it would have such an impact on my idea of a career. By then I was too far through school to turn around and start a new degree, so I started a new plan. This … [Read more...]

Decoding the dairy case

Decoding the dairy case at a local grocery store with Idaho Dairy Council Health and Wellness Manager Jaclyn St. John. … [Read more...]

An Idaho dairy farmer’s Christmas wish list

I wish…. I wish my dairy had a big red barn like the ones on TV and magazine ads. I wish all my cows had nice square udders that milked out even and complete. I wish everyone would take time to properly close a gate. I wish I could run faster than a Holstein cow on the highway. I wish my wife could run faster than a Holstein cow on the highway. I wish cows would see a 14 foot open gate that is left open as a temptation to resist rather than an opportunity to see the world. I … [Read more...]

The 7-minute workout

What if you could be fitter in just a few minutes a day? Try the 7-Minute Workout. #MilkVictory #IdahoDairy … [Read more...]