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Archives for November 2016

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An active body is a healthy body

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The A.I. Guy

Ken Neace appeared out of nowhere one day.  I was laying out hay, the way we use to, dropping the old 3-string bales off a trailer in front of the mangers. When I turned around, he was there.  Standing five foot eight, hands in his pockets, tufts of blonde hair sticking out of a baseball cap, tennis shoes and a goofy smile on his face.  He looked like a 14-year old getting ready to ask for his first job; not a representative from ABS Global, a company that claims to be “The World Leader in … [Read more...]

4 Quick Tips To Stay Fit This Winter

Are you looking to stay fit through the winter months this year? When the weather gets cold, we tend to hibernate inside and can be drawn to high calorie comfort foods. However, following these simple tips can help you stick to your fitness goals this Holiday season!

  1. Don’t skip meals. Many believe that they can splurge at the holiday party if they skip lunch and a snack, but this may actually lead to overeating! Eat normal, healthy meals throughout the day and enjoy a treat or … [Read more...]

Greek yogurt and pumpkin can help lower blood sugar levels

Fall is a wonderful time of year when you can enjoy some of your favorite produce like apples, squash, and of course pumpkin! Not only is November a month to eat these delicious foods, it is also National Diabetes Month. A study that came out in February 2016 looked at how eating pumpkin with a probiotic containing yogurt (like Greek yogurt) changed blood sugar in people with type 2 diabetes. It was found that eating Greek yogurt with pumpkin could not only help to lower blood sugar levels, it … [Read more...]