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4 Quick Tips To Stay Fit This Winter

Are you looking to stay fit through the winter months this year? When the weather gets cold, we tend to hibernate inside and can be drawn to high calorie comfort foods. However, following these simple tips can help you stick to your fitness goals this Holiday season!

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  1. Don’t skip meals. Many believe that they can splurge at the holiday party if they skip lunch and a snack, but this may actually lead to overeating! Eat normal, healthy meals throughout the day and enjoy a treat or two at parties and gatherings.
  2. Eat plenty of protein. Protein, which is found in nutrient rich dairy products, can actually help you feel more satisfied between meals. Try snacking on yogurt or cheese, or starting your day off with a big glass of milk.
  3. Be mindful while you are eating. While you are eating, take the time to enjoy your food! Eat slowly and try to really experience the flavor in each bite!
  4. Don’t hibernate, get active! When it gets cold outside, we tend to halt our usual exercise routines due to the weather. Invest in some good outdoor active wear, find some at-home workouts, or try a new gym class during these months instead. And don’t forget to refuel your muscles with nutritious, delicious chocolate milk after your workout!