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Bringing the Farm to the People of Boise for National Pizza Month

To celebrate National Pizza month, we invited two Idaho dairy farmers and their families to deliver pizzas with a Holstein heifer named “Bossy” to unsuspecting Boise area residents. The guerrilla-marketing effort with Smoky Mountain Pizzeria Grill to celebrate National Pizza Month (October).

Kuna dairy farmer John Wind of Liberty Ranch and Meridian dairy farmer Clint Jackson of Jackson Family Farm in Meridian and their families delivered free Smoky Mountain pizzas which uses Idaho cheese on their menu.

“Pizza has a huge impact on the Gem State economy,” United Dairymen of Idaho CEO Karianne Fallow says, “so we thought it would be fun to connect a few locals with their food — in this case fresh mozzarella cheese!”

According to Fallow, Idaho is the third-largest dairy-producing state in the U.S. and dairy products are its leading agriculture commodity. Meanwhile, she says one in eight Americans eats pizza on any given day and per capita consumption of mozzarella has leaped to 11-1/2 pounds a year — nearly 40 percent of the cheese we chow down annually.