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5 On-the-Go Food Pairings That Are Just Too Easy

School is almost out and those summer months are shaping up to be a little crazy! Making a delightfully nutritious and delicious five-course meal every time you hear you or your kids’ stomachs growling just isn’t going to happen. Most the time it’s just grabbing what you have and heading out the door. Here are some quick on-the-go food favorites to keep you moving at 100 miles an hour.1 Mix up blueberries in a regular or Greek yogurt. Put ‘em in a zip-lock and throw ‘em in the freezer. Grab a bag as your heading out the door to enjoy yogurt’s high-quality protein and the natural antioxidants found in the blueberries.

2 Got cheese? How about black beans? Combine the two and microwave for 30 seconds and Presto! You have a protein-packed lunch.

3 Now this is one that you’ve been missing out on. It’s as simply as flavored cream cheese on deli turkey meat. Roll it up and you’ll see. It’s seriously good!

4 Are you always throwing away your cold morning coffee? No longer! Add in some chocolate milk for a little caffeine and protein to get you through the afternoon.

5It doesn’t get simpler than the cheese-cuc sandwich.  The picture says it all. Delightfully simple.