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Archives for April 2015

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Idaho State University Students SCORE

A one-of-a-kind nutrition program in ISU's Division of Health Sciences is helping student-athletes eat smart and stay on top of their game. SCORESM—or Smart Cooking on the Run Every Day—provides individual nutrition counseling, team talks, cooking classes and grocery store tours for 300 Bengal athletes. "It's not a training table where student-athletes show up three times a day and we feed them. We are teaching them how to eat for a lifetime," says SCORESM co-founder Linda Rankin, a … [Read more...]

How Four U.S. Dairy Farmers Moved an Audience of Importers in Singapore

Vivid photography and passionate storytelling illustrate commitment to quality, the environment, relationships and happy cows.  … [Read more...]

Seattle Seahawks take on the Ponderosa Pacers

By participating in, and winning, a video contest, Ponderosa Elementary received a special visit from Seattle Seahawk player, Justin Britt. How do you celebrate winning the #LoveofPlay video contest? How about an action-packed assembly including prizes, a relay race and nutrition advice from a world class athlete! Justin believes in healthy eating and exercising for 60 minutes every day and the Ponderosa … [Read more...]

Grilled Cheese: Celebrate Greatness

When life gets too busy and you are being pulled in every other direction, April 12th comes around. April 12th is a day of healing, a day of hope. It is National Grilled Cheese Day. April 12th is a day to take time out of our busy lives and focus on the important things, like gooey cheese and crispy, crunchy bread. It is a day to remember the truly good things, like a perfect Swiss or creamy Gouda. It can be as simple as white loaf bread with whatever cheese is in your fridge or a grandiose … [Read more...]