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Spring Into Refueling

IMG_1719_EditAs you relax into Spring Break, reflect on the last semester and start thinking about the busy months to come. More often than not, it’s go, go, go for students, and especially student athletes. So much of young peoples’ time is eaten up by school, sports and extracurricular activities. As a parent, it’s tough keeping up, and even tougher giving healthy eating and nutrition much thought. You may not want to hear it but you can’t leave out good nutrition for those busy kids! When it’s hard to remember to eat, it probably means your athlete needs healthy food the most. The Idaho Dairy Council is making it easy for student athletes to get the fuel they need on the fly. Refuel grants allow sports programs to receive chocolate milk as a post-work out beverage for every practice and game. The carbohydrate/protein ratio in milk is designed to fuel athletes and aid in muscle recovery. The Idaho Dairy Council wants to make it easy for students and families to stay on top of their game.

IMG_1895_edit - Copy“I enjoy having the milk after practice.  It really helps my recovery from a hard practice!” – Kirsten Robinson, Boise High School Junior

 ” All too often athletes go home and either immediately jump in shower or hit the books, which often means a gap in time from their workout to their next snack or meal.  I’m glad to know that they are able to enjoy some positive replenishment before they leave the gym every day.”  – Kim Brydges, Head Girls Varsity Coach

 “Boise High School would like to thank the United Dairymen of Idaho for the generous grant for our sports programs.  Thank you so much for looking out for our athletes and trying to keep their bodies fueled properly so they can continue to mature and grow into young adults.” – Tracy Leinen, Athletic Director, Boise High School

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