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Archives for March 2015

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School Breakfast Helps Idaho Students Make the Grade in 2015

While the buzz about National School Breakfast Week, is now behind us, the reasons to expand morning meals at school sit in America’s classrooms every day. Many children are still coming to school too hungry to focus on their teachers and too hungry to learn. Three out of four public school teachers say that students regularly come to school hungry and 81% say this happens at least once a week. Educators report that hunger results in an inability to concentrate (88%); lack of energy or … [Read more...]

Spring Into Refueling

As you relax into Spring Break, reflect on the last semester and start thinking about the busy months to come. More often than not, it’s go, go, go for students, and especially student athletes. So much of young peoples’ time is eaten up by school, sports and extracurricular activities. As a parent, it’s tough keeping up, and even tougher giving healthy eating and nutrition much thought. You may not want to hear it but you can’t leave out good nutrition for those busy kids! When it’s hard to … [Read more...]

Why Do People Drink Milk?

I am mystified when I hear people question why we humans drink the milk of other animals. Yet a simple search of the Internet reveals that this is a sentiment many share. But is the belief that people shouldn’t drink cow, sheep, or goat’s milk consistent with human history? With human physiology? -Gregory Miller, PhD, FACN (Dr. … [Read more...]

A Wilder School Breakfast Story

Growing up in a rural environment has many wonderful life-teaching moments.  A few of mine began when I memorized all the commercials on television (which was a pretty new thing back then) and my dad determined I needed to “go to the barn” and start helping with the milking.  I was six years old.  Then came my 4-H career when I was 10 years old, showing one of our dairy heifers.  I loved those cows as much as dear friends. When the Owyhee County Fair came into view that summer, I was … [Read more...]