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A Time to Appreciate Idaho’s Abundance

I’m not sure why, but while shopping recently at a local warehouse store I stopped and took a look around and thought, “I am literally surrounded by food.” It towered on shelves above me and was heaped onto tables practically as far as the eye could see, and I thought, “Is anyone else realizing this?”

Revamped Grocery Store Dairy Aisle - CopyWe have the unparalleled privilege of living in Idaho, where we are often surrounded by abundance. As consumers we enjoy unprecedented access to goods and services even here in the out-of-the-way Gem State, and the wide-open landscapes and natural resources it boasts would be impossible to experience in their totality during our lifetime. Plus, unlike many regions throughout the country and arou nd the world suffering from drought and other calamities, our agriculture community is thriving. In particular, Idaho’s dairy industry has benefited from favorable economic trends and market opportunities.

Once again, I wonder if anyone else is realizing this?

At United Dairymen of Idaho, we have the unique honor to advocate on behalf of our state’s dairy farm families. We’re thankful we represent an industry that supports the basic well-being of consumers everywhere — especially children. And none of what we do is possible without the extraordinary work performed by everyone involved in the Gem State’s dairy industry. Those efforts are extraordinary for so many reasons.

Idaho CowsWe talk about Idaho’s dairy farmers as if they are ours — we claim them among the state’s most precious resources. But in reality they are not ours to claim; they are the world’s dairy farmers. Millions of people domestically and internationally rely on our abundance to feed their families. Our success as an industry has a direct impact on the health across all borders.

As we walk through stores with food towering around us, others worry about where their next meal will come from. If you’re a member of the United Dairymen of Idaho family, you should take pride in the critical role we all play in feeding the world, and rest assured our abundance is not lost on those who rely on us each and every day.

Cindy Miller, Senior Director of Consumer Confidence  & Producer Relations – United Dairymen of Idaho