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Archives for December 2014

DairyWise Blog

A Time to Appreciate Idaho’s Abundance

I’m not sure why, but while shopping recently at a local warehouse store I stopped and took a look around and thought, “I am literally surrounded by food.” It towered on shelves above me and was heaped onto tables practically as far as the eye could see, and I thought, “Is anyone else realizing this?” We have the unparalleled privilege of living in Idaho, where we are often surrounded by abundance. As consumers we enjoy unprecedented access to goods and services even here in the … [Read more...]

Fueling for Fun

Great things are happening in schools across Idaho. Hear from Kim Sherrer of Emmett School District and get great ideas about how Fuel Up to Play 60 can be implemented in your school! At the Emmett School District we are excited for our fourth year participating in Fuel Up to Play 60!  Emmett Middle School and Shadow Butte Elementary work together to roll out the FUTP 60 program to encourage healthy eating and physical activity. Students at Shadow Butte Elementary can join the … [Read more...]