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Archives for November 2014

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Milk: A Comfort Food

Got Milk?  I certainly did.  In fact, throughout my unstable upbringing, milk was one of the few constants I could grow to rely on. I was raised with three siblings by our mother, who worked as a teacher and guidance counselor.  Although we were able to live comfortably in a mobile home, with a yard in the front and a garden in the back, it was often difficult for us to afford food. … [Read more...]

The Real Challenge

I started in the dairy business on May 1, 1978.  I was an exuberant 24 year-old man anxious to go somewhere fast.  I started on a rented place in Castleford, Idaho with 130 cows. I financed the operation with help from Idaho First and a wonderful cantankerous Dutchman named Case Hoogland who was the key to making it happen for me. Case Hoogland stood 5’8”. He had a hooked nose and a goatee that bobbed up and down rapidly when he spoke. He talked fast. He spoke with meaning and his eyes bore … [Read more...]