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Meet the De Winkle Family

_MG_4044Rudi and Anne De Winkle love being in the dairy industry for a couple reasons – they love working with family and they love their cows. Together with their four children, they own and operate Moo-riah Dairy in Melba, Idaho. Milking a herd of Jersey cows is a huge task, but it’s only one of many responsibilities that come with being a farmer.

Rudy is thankful to be able to work with his children, who often times beg to follow him down to the farm and work alongside their dad. One of the kids’ favorite chores is to help bottle-feed the newborn calves, a task which they eagerly accept!

Anne is the foundation that holds the De Winkle family together. Supporting the dairy farm takes place in both the milking parlor and the home, and Anne is a large part of both. Anne had her first experience on a dairy farm 9 years ago when she visited her (then) boyfriend Rudy and his family and spent four weeks with them on the farm. She is humbled to be part of such a loving family and industry.1621706_10201519073922344_658212369_n

In addition to loving their family, the De Winkle’s love their cows, bar none. Rudy admits that he sometimes finds himself talking to the cows and he got into the industry because of his love for cows. The De Winkle’s even attach pedometers to the cows’ legs so they can monitor each individual cows’ activity throughout the day!

Rudy and Anne wouldn’t choose to be a dairy farm family anywhere else on earth! They love being Idahoans and are passing the hard work ethic and love for their cows to their children, who will one day become the owners and operators of Moo-riah Dairy.