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Archives for July 2014

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What is the key to a strong, energy-filled workout?  Fuel-Workout-Refuel-Repeat.  No matter if you are a stellar high school athlete, pro-football player or an exerciser training for your fist half-marathon, the message is the same: You need to fuel and refuel to train hard and recover appropriately.  Most people have the fueling part down.  Like you put gas in a car to make it go, you put food in your body to have energy to workout.  That is a pretty easy concept.  But what is the refueling … [Read more...]

Back to My Dairy Roots

As an opportunist, I continually seek for chances to interact with leaders and educators that can influence and mold my future.  So, when I was given the opportunity to select an optional rotation, during my dietetic internship, I took advantage of the situation and decided to come back to my home state of Idaho, interacting with leaders at the Idaho Dairy Council (IDC) who are making a difference closer to home. I grew up surrounded by farmland in St. Anthony, Idaho, and became familiar with … [Read more...]

What’s Your Output?

Feeding the world is a very large undertaking, but Idaho’s dairymen are up to the task, contributing to the world’s hunger needs each and every day of the year. We have roughly 550 dairies in Idaho, which produce more than 3 Billion – yes, BILLION – pounds of milk each year. That’s a pretty impressive number, and a lot of our milk gets exported to countries whose population needs high quality dairy products to meet their nutritional needs. As a board member for the United Dairymen of Idaho, I … [Read more...]