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Archives for June 2014

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City-Girl to Dairy-Farmer’s Wife

Nine years ago I had my first experience on a dairy farm. I spent four weeks with my (then) boyfriend and his family and a bunch of beautiful Jersey cows. I didn't know much about dairy farming at all, but I clearly remember the family gathering together in the mornings for family devotions and meetings about the dairy and the farm. About 80% of what they were talking about made no sense to me at all! Coming from a different continent had something to do with that, but my English was pretty … [Read more...]

Retiring With Thanks: A Tribute to Idaho’s Dairy Farmers

For the past few weeks, I have been in the midst of filming on Idaho dairies capturing stories of how dairy families produce a wholesome food for people to consume in Idaho, the U.S. and the world. It’s been a good reminder of why I have enjoyed working for United Dairymen of Idaho for almost twenty years. My career with UDI is coming to a close, but my passion for agriculture will always be with me. As someone who grew up in the city, I had never been on a farm until I started working … [Read more...]

The Transformation of an Idaho Farm Girl to a Dietitian & Chef

I am a Registered Dietitian and Culinary Chef.  I gravitated naturally to my profession after growing up on a dairy and cattle ranch in Mud Lake, Idaho. When I was in elementary school, my daily chores consisted of milking cows, bottle feeding calves, and feeding the pasture cattle before and after school. Most farm kids can relate to my experiences, such as learning how to drive at age 5. I remember crawling into the driver seat of my grandfather’s big green Ford pick-up filled to the brim with … [Read more...]

Giving the Gift of Nutrition

By: Megan Ramey

Growing up, I remember food bank donations being limited to shelf stable products such as tomato sauce, dry pasta, and cereal. Today, I work on the food resourcing team at the Idaho Foodbank, and we have worked hard to push our operations into modern food banking. New innovations in food receipt, storage, and distribution have led to new ways to give. Though today's food banks still highly value shelf-stable items, we are no longer … [Read more...]