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Archives for May 2014

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Where Good Hearts Come From

United Dairymen of Idaho is proud to support the American Heart Association and survivors everywhere. Angela's story reminds us all of the importance of learning about heart health. Idaho Dairy Council aims to educate Idahoans about the vital role that healthy eating and physical activity play in maintaining a healthy heart. [Read more...]

Dairy Does Good Student Testing Program

As schools in Idaho prepare for standardized testing, school leaders, educators and parents are focused on ensuring students are prepared to do their best. Idaho Dairy Council and United Dairymen of Idaho offers the Dairy Does Good program to Idaho schools to encourage a healthy snack before testing. Schools that sign up for Dairy Does Good receive one string cheese per student each day during testing. This is the … [Read more...]

Fuel Up To Play 60

Idaho's dairy farm families are proud to support Fuel Up To Play 60, a program that encourages students to work collaboratively with adults to make real changes by implementing school-wide healthy eating and physical activity “plays”– strategies that help students “fuel up” with nutrient-rich foods and “get up and play” for at least 60 minutes every day. For more information about the Fuel Up To Play 60 program, [Read more...]

Flowers, Calves & Dirty Boots: A Different Kind of Mother’s Day

A beautiful bouquet, your favorite chocolates, or breakfast in bed. A child's hand-print on a misfolded paper. These are things that Mother's Days are made of. What about muddy clothes and dirty boots? Husbands who come home late for dinner? Certainly those don't belong! Or maybe they do, if you are a dairy mom. Mother's Day doesn't wondrously exempt me from the muddy clothes and dirty boots. It doesn't exempt me from feeding animals or helping a new calf be born. However, it's not the dirt … [Read more...]