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Welcome to our new website!

Karianne_Fallow1-200x300Welcome to the new, online front porch for the United Dairymen of Idaho! On behalf of Idaho’s 540 dairy farm families, we thank you for stopping by and welcome you to learn more about the state’s largest agricultural economy.

If you know anything about farmers (especially dairy farmers), they are some of the most welcoming and tolerant people. They are faithful citizens who open their doors to their neighbors, express their patriotism and love of America, work hard to create healthy communities through volunteerism and care deeply for their families and their animals. Idaho’s dairy farmers are no exception. That’s why it’s so important that we tell their story.

Today, telling that story effectively isn’t done, like it once was, in the town post office or coffee shop. Rather, to connect with an increasingly digital and globally-connected world, we must have a dynamic online presence. The launch of this website celebrates the deep values of Idaho’s dairy farm families and the consumer’s thirst for information about where their food comes from.

To stay connected to the source of some of the highest quality, most nutritious products in the world, please check back regularly.

Karianne Fallow, CEO